Austin Idol making his way up the ramp in 1982

Idol came in highly touted, one of those guys you had only seen in the magazines.
He wrestled in Buffalo in Aug 1981 but didn't make it in here until Feb 1982 against Blackjack Jr.
For that card he got the program cover.

He wrestled in the Cadillac Tournament a month later losing to eventual winner Jimmy
Valiant and was scheduled for the Apr 4 card to face Johnny Weaver but didn't show.
He was on the cover for that card too (below). He wouldn't ever return to wrestle in Toronto.

Looking back he was very similar to Flair who was revered here
he was a good wrestler but tough to make it here as a blond strutter type with a nice robe.
He did see a lot of success everywhere else he wrestled

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