In 1954 the hated Mills brothers (real brothers) and the the equally hated Dusek brothers (real brothers)
and Togo brothers (not brothers) tag teams were on the scene in Toronto.

The teams were battling Whipper Watson and assorted partners and all had earned the fans hate.

Heel vs Heel bouts did take place back then and the brothers teams were soon set to meet.

For the Duseks- Mills they were to battle in an all-in type tag bout with both Pat Flanagan and special ref Ilio DiPaolo
set to try to keep WWIII from breaking out.

The Duseks had been in Toronto before, way back to the 1930's different combinations
of the Riot Squad, Ernie, Emile, Rudy, Joe (brothers), and Wally, and Frank.

The Mills brothers were tearing up the area and were virtually unbeatable as Canadian Open Tag champs.

The bout was a barn-burner, the Mills' title trophy was not on the line and the Duseks (Ernie & Emile) proceeded
to take the win using all sorts of tag moves that they may have invented themselves way back.

The crowd of 10,000 was behind the Duseks who they hated less. A rematch featured Joe replacing Emil.

Ernie and Emile would also take on The Togo's - The Great Togo & Tosh Togo - again with the fans behind them.
That one ended with the Duseks disqualified for using a pile-driver, banned at the time.

Thanks to Roger Baker

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