'Big' John Studd on the ramp not happy with his MLG greeting 1982
Studd had some big battles here against Blackjack Mulligan, Mulligan Jr, Angelo Mosca, and Andre The Giant.

He had wrestled in Ottawa (as Chuck O'Connor) alongside mentor 'Killer' Kowalski in the early 1970's but didn't debut here until 1978 - as John Studd. The street-fights here against Blackjack Sr. were among the toughest and best big-man bouts of the era and he would later be a good foe for Mosca in battles over the Canadian Title.

Studd would face NWA champ Dusty Rhodes in his only MLG Title defence in 1981 and then win the Canadian Title from Mosca a few weeks later and would continue his Toronto success right through the WWF era.

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