Karol and Ivan Kalmikoff 1955

Backstage at MLG, the Kalmikoff's were one of the top tags in the area from 1954-1960.
Ivan had debuted here back in the early 1940's and would frequent MLG right into the 1970's
ending his career as a manager for Mighty Igor.

As a team they would battle all of the big stars of the era and occasionally battle other heel teams
sometimes earning the fans cheers, as was the case in a series against the even more hated Mills Brothers in 1955.

For a time in the early 1960's Ivan would team with new brother Nikita - Alex Mulko
- the artist and beltmaker who later made our Canadian Title belt, among many others

They are holding the old ring bell and hammer. In our era the bell was hooked up like a microphone.
Attached to a speaker with a cable, Norm Kimber would just press the button

Turofsky photo - Thanks to Roger Baker

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